What we have in common is years of experience and shared vision of fostering personal and professional development among young generation. What differs us is character, merit, and path leading us to where we are. And that is why we work so well together. Through team effort we deliver results to the satisfaction of our partners and participants.



    Małgorzata Sokołowska


    Currently beautiful Malta is where she lives, and her second home at heart. She studied International Migration end Ethnic Relations at Malmo University in Sweden. She based her Master’s major choice on her interest in relations between people coming from different backgrounds.

    Over a decade ago she started working with projects funded from Wyszehradzki Fund, that throughout the years led her to involvement in projects such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Youth in Action, Erasmus + and finally opening a non profit organisation herself. For years now she’s been coordinating and hosting groups from abroad within VET that gave her valuable experience in the field and influenced specialty of the founded organization.

    In her personal life her interests lay in discovering the world, international matters and her devotion to personal and professional development that she expresses by engagement in activities beneficial to the society.

        Alberto Tortolero

        Mr. Tortolero is responsible for the overall of ImproveAway activity in Malta – designing local and international action plans. He holds a Master in economy and he has a wide experience in leading Erasmus+ projects. He has been working during more than 8 years in the field of European programs (Erasmus+, Youth in Action, Vocational education and training – VET,  Lifelong learning programme – LLP) for private and public institutions as an expert and consultant for social programs.

            Ruth Palacios

            She got her Bachelor degree in psychology at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) because she always wanted to help others. She believes that is important to make the society understand crucial issues, in order to take a step forward towards humans’ well being. Lately, she has been working with young people, an experience that gives her the opportunity to cooperate with people who want to make a change and who believe that everything is possible and they can make it! During her work she tries to help them and provide them with a better perspective, empathy, understanding and support. Thanks to that she is trying to contribute not only to local or international society but as well further develop herself.

                Aleksandra Nowicka

                Foreign languages teacher/Linguist/Coordinator

                She got her Master’s degree in Spain, majoring in foreign language teaching.
                She’s fluent in 4 languages, Polish, English, Spanish and German.

                In her rich career she’s thought youth from various places in the world, participated in European volunteering, worked in marketing for a leading in the industry company, and was a tour guide in Norway to name a few of her occupations throughout the years.
                She’s been involved in the work of ImproveAway since its start and uses her diverse background across the scope of its activities.

                In private life she’s a devoted Globetrotter, never stops exploring, values balanced and harmonious with nature lifestyle.

                    Jolanta Paduch

                    Project coordinator/ Coach/ Mentor


                    Jola used to be an English teacher with many years of experience driven by passion for teaching. In ImproveAway she is responsible for relations with participants coming from abroad. Young people consider her to be a great mentor, who is helpful, supportive and attentive. She is the kind of a person who likes taking risks in life. She loves helping others during volunteer work. She fell in love in Malta when she moved here, and now she cannot think of a better place to stay and live. She is a great source of information about the island for the participants due to her experience in tourism and long lasting love for Malta. Her open and friendly nature helps her to welcome new surprises in life with optimism.

                        Marcin Odelski


                        Marcin is a true scholar by nature and loves working for public benefit.

                        He has been a teacher for high school students for over 15 years, not only teaching them English but also the importance of their development in other disciplines, feeding their curiosity and fostering their development – representing values of ImproveAway perfectly. His international experience started when he was a beneficiary of the English Erasmus Program in Germany in 2004.

                        He’s qualifications are impressive, starting with Masters in English and Ph.D. in ethnolinguistics, years of experience as an educator and a role model for students and finally his involvement in various projects throughout the years, including youth exchange, teacher training and voluntary work.

                        He is leading his students and participants of our projects by example to always enrich their resume with extracurricular activities by doing so himself, currently engaging in the work of Committee for Philology, Polish Academy Of Sciences and Wrocław Branch. His vast experience, unique insight, knowledge and easy approach are invaluable for the organization.

                        Languages that are under revival (especially the case of Kashubian), their functional spheres and cultural practices are within his field of interest. Photography and traveling enrich his professional experience.