For Students

If you want to do your apprenticeship abroad, Malta is the place to do it! We will organize that for you.

Malta is not only beautiful and interesting but also very lively – perfect for young people. Companies from every possible industry set up their branches here, so if you want to gain internationally valued experience outside of your country and enrich your professional development taking part in our projects is the way to do it.

We organize traineeships and internships here in Malta, hosting youth from schools taking part in Erasmus + program, funded by European Union.

All aspects of your stay in Malta are organized by us. The company you’re placed in for your traineeship matches your specialty profile and is conducted in accordance to your school’s program.

Your part

During your stay here you’ll be able to practice independence. You’ll be responsible for managing your budget, fixing your meals, grocery shopping, laundry and of course doing your best in the company during working hours! This will be a true sample of how adult life looks like for you.

After hours

Your stay in Malta definitely will not be only about work and responsibilities though! We have some time for fun planned for you as well. We will prepare cultural program for your group during leisure time so you can experience Malta, its beauty and learn about the rich culture and traditions, meet people, socialize and relax.

We are here for you

We are based in Malta, and we are available for you for any questions before your stay as well as ready to assist you 24 h during your stay in Malta, so don’t hesitate to contact us in any matter using our contact number or email address. We realize for some of you it will be first such experience and sometimes first time you’re outside of your country and we want to help you adjust and get from this experience as much as you can.