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We will conduct an internship program for the students of your school in a professional and reliable matter. We will take care of all organizational aspects, without any surprises. We know the procedures, requirements and the labor market. We have amazing employers as partners. Join the group of institutions happy with cooperation with us.

staż zagraniczny

Our team has versatile experience with EU projects but we specialize in internships in Malta. We have a base of companies that provide the workplace for students, there are as well new companies starting to partner with us to ensure most suitable match of the student and the employer, satisfactory for both sides. Our offer includes anything from drafting a project, conducting a project and taking care of all the necessary paperwork and financial accounts, all in line with EU procedures and regulations.

We believe in long term cooperation, which guarantees you our full commitment. We are flexible and responsive to the specific needs of a project and an institution.

Communication is key for us, that’s why we are easily available for you and your students. You can contact us using the phone number or email address before as well as during the project. We offer 24 h availability for the participants of projects during they stay in Malta.

One of our main focuses is constant improvement and development of the organization and it’s performance. That’s why we have a monitoring system in place, designed to ensure highest quality of conducted actions as well their accordance to EU’s guidelines and procedures as well as to provide measurable results.

How vocational placement works

When we are your partner we will take care of all the organizational aspects of your students’ stay in Malta. We will match each student with the best suitable for him employer, but if so it happens such is not in the base of companies we partner with, we will find one according to the student’s needs, skills, English level and his or her specialty. We have a few amazing places to accommodate the group in shared 2-4 people rooms, with access to the bathroom, common kitchen, laundry and even private pool (upon availability), that are well connected by public transportation and in proximity to a grocery store/supermarket.

There’s going to be one person assigned to look after Meister in der Berufsausbildung mit Azubis im Bereich Metallveraa group and take care of things when needed, as well as the president of the organization available whenever necessary. The participants will be taken to their work place, introduced to their supervisors in the company and given any needed assistance throughout the duration of their stay. We will make sure the participants have all the necessary information they need regarding the practical aspects of living in Malta, like transportation, break time, public holidays, location of the closest supermarket, options for leisure time.

There will surely be time to have fun. The key parts of a cultural program personalized for each group are : welcome dinner, sightseeing trip, boat trip, visiting beautiful island Gozo, will leave the participants in awe of the rich history, culture and natural beauty of Malta as well as give them an opportunity to make amazing memories for life.