For Companies

Would your company benefit from the work of highly motivated and ready to learn interns? We will help you find them.

We specialize in organizing apprenticeship and internship programs for youth from across Europe, hosting them in Malta where we are based.

Partnering with us in such projects give your company a chance to mentor students, shape their experience of entering the international labor market. You have a guarantee of working with very eager to learn and to start their professional career young people who know that gaining experience in your company will consequently rise their competitiveness in the future on the labor market.

In our projects providing a workplace for an intern is your only task. Everything else is organized by us, accommodation, transportation, insurance, even cultural program allowing the participants experience the beautiful island of Malta. The students participating in our projects come from vocational schools we cooperate with, they are best of their class and highly motivated as they have to go through a recruitment process before getting the amazing opportunity of being a part of our mobility project. We host students with at least communicative English knowledge, who are well prepared and well informed on what to expect during their internships. All of them take part in obligatory preparatory English courses  aimed at bettering their language skills with the focus on communication in the workplace.

We specialize in organizing internships in Tourism Services, Hotel Management, Food and Catering, Logistics, Economy, IT, Trade but we also have students from other fields and we are always open for cooperation and ready to expend our offer, so don’t hesitate to contact us to check if we can cooperate with companies from other industries.

Projects that we are involved in are fully funded or co-funded from EU funds, EEA and Norway grants, as well as local and international grants.

Pros for your company:

  • Interns without any cost
  • Contributing to development of European vocational mobility for youth
  • Supporting social inclusion and cohesion of youth within European Union
  • Title of ‘Vet Partner’ – a company accommodating European youth’s professional development

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or comments!